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Why organic herbal products?
Because we know you care about your body! We believe consumers must have a reliable natural alternative to chemically synthesized, technical grade products that are on the market today. To that end, we are devoted to developing and manufacturing a wide range of nutritional and personal body care products that are truly botanical in origin.

Giving the Immune System Power
The oil of nigella sativa is so beneficial because it contains more than a hundred components such as aromatic oils, trace elements, vitamins, and enzymes.
It contains 58% of essential fatty acids including omega 6 and omega 3.

These are necessary for the forming of Prostaglandin E1, which balances and strengthens the immune system giving it the power to prevent infections and allergies and control chronic illnesses

Healthy cells are protected from viruses thus inhibiting tumors. Black seed oil also contains about 0.51.5% volatile oils including nigellone and thymochinone, which are responsible for its antihistamine, antioxidant, anti-infective, and bronchodilator effect.