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The Ultimate Herb is focused on providing you with the finest in black seed products and herbal therapies.  We believe that it's a priority to maintain a healthy lifestyle and natural wellness. You can be one of the hundreds of people to benefit from our nutritional and personal body care products that are completely nature's own creation. 



A Powerful Herb for Strengthening 
The Immune System  

Boosts your immune system
Fights infections
Promotes T-cell and white blood cell production
Helps prevent cancer
Speeds up the healing process
Improves circulation
Builds endurance and much, much more 

The Ultimate Herb cares about your health, and we offer terrific products to help you with weight control as well as beauty products for the whole family. We even have natural candy for children. Contact us today for more information or questions about how we can help you.


100% All Natural Sexual Enhancer 

Eruca Sativa oil (Rocket oil)

100% natural and organic from Egypt, is of well known effect on men and women for sexual enhancement and desire through the following with no side effects:


New from Ultimate Herb

Full Body Detox Machine

Waterman Mini Bio Mineral Pot